Things You Can Do Together in a Long-Distance Relationship

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

By Tucker Eastburn

Hello Fantastic Fans!

“Successful couples do things together. They play, read, bowl, fish, sing, serve, volunteer, dance, hike, ski, create, organize, paint, laugh, travel, camp, walk, garden, explore, invest, listen, talk, worship, love, watch and pray. What will you do?” - Unknown

One question that always comes up within an long-distance relationship (hereafter referred to as an LDR) is “What is there for us to do together in a LDR besides just texting, talking, and video calling each other?” Often times, people within an LDR think that there are only a small handful of things to do together other than just the fundamental aspects of an LDR. Some people within LDRs even think that doing things together in their relationship is impossible! This was a question that Alexis and I struggled to figure out at first. Initially, we didn’t think that there was much that we could do together outside of the conversations we had. However, we were pleasantly surprised that there are a myriad of things that you are able to do with your partner within a LDR. Here are a few that may work for you and your partner!

1. Watch Your Favorite Shows or Videos

One of the things that you can do with one another is to watch your favorite shows and videos with one another. Whether you like watching videos on YouTube or shows on any of the various streaming services around, you and your partner can both sign into these services and watch them together. There are some outside applications that you can install like Netflix Party to literally do just that! However, these shared systems like Netflix Party don’t work often work that well. If that is the case for you, the both of you could just log on to whatever you’re watching together, load up what you’re watching, pause it at the start, and the synchronize the start of the show together. This is the preferred method that Alexis and I have watched all of our shows together over long-distance. With the new advent of Zoom however, one person can now share their screen (with audio) over the course of the conference call. With Zoom, you could virtually watch anything. One thing to remember with Zoom though is that it has forty minute time limit on all meetings unless you pay for the monthly subscription. Sometimes the process may be frustrating, but if you have a little patience this method works incredibly well.

2. Do Activities Together that Help You Get to Know Each Other More

Secondly, another thing that you and your partner can do together is fill out information sheets or find books online that are specifically designed to get to know each other better. For Alexis and I, one of our favorite YouTube channels is Puuung[1]. The channel has a bunch of animated shorts that have great music and a great story. There is merchandise that is designed alongside the style of the channel and one of these products is a “LOVE TMI or Tell Me More Information” book[2]. I bought this book, one for Alexis and one for myself, and we filled them out with one another. This was a great way for us to get to know one another and ask questions that we may never have thought to ask! These kinds of books and information sheets are priceless as you can pass a ton of the time filling these out with one another and having fun with finding out more information about your partner. The TMI book from Puuung is an exceptional book to use when starting out as a couple but, after you get to know each other more, you could find more information sheets online that delve into more in-depth topics once you have progressed that far within your relationship. Currently, we at Bear & Pixie Art Studios are also putting together our own TMI books designed with three different levels of relationships in mind with the first level being a general “get-to-know you” level for friends, a second level for starting a romantic relationship with someone where you find out more deeply about one another, and a third level designed to take your relationship to that intimate level that prepares you for a long and committed relationship.

3. Do Things Together That You Like To Do in Person

Additionally, you could also find things that you or your partner like to do in your normal lives and do those things with one another. For example, Alexis and I both love to look at art books. For us, we like to check out all kinds of art books together whether it is the art book from a movie, art education books, illustrated editions of some of our favorite books, or a compiled collection of an artist’s work. Another thing Alexis and I like to do is look at children’s books as well to look at an artist’s work as well as grab pointers for when we decide to create children’s books of our own. Currently, we are working on some children’s books of our own here at Bear & Pixie Art Studio and love seeing what other artists are creating in the field! This is the part of the relationship where your creativity can really shine through! Other avenues you could explore could include playing board games with one another, playing a mobile game like TriviaCrack[3] or others where you and your partner can compete with one another, if you adventurous or musically inclined you could sing songs with one another, compile a list of your favorite songs together, and a bunch of other different activities that you could adapt to an LDR. The possibilities are endless, and we challenge you to find out the things that the both of you really enjoy doing and then figure out a way where you can share them together within your LDR. These kinds of activities can really fill in the time and be great ways to get to know one another. Not only that, but they are a great way of finding stuff that the both of you can do together as well when you’re in person!

4. Use Your Own Unique Talents or Skills to Do Something For Them

Another way you can show affection towards one another over long distance is by using your talents to do things for your partner or to make them something completely unique. For example, I can play the guitar and sing and so, using these talents, I was able to write a song for Alexis and sing it to her. Another option that could work is, if you can draw, draw your partner’s favorite animal, flower, or one of their other favorite things and send it to them. Eventually, as you get further along in your relationship, you could even send your partner drawings of the two of you doing your favorite things together or being with each other. This is also another area where you and your partner’s creativity can shine! Also, buying a nice gift for each other every once in a while, is always an option too.

The Goal is to Show Your Partner Love and to Convey that You’re Invested

All of these things are amazing ways that you and your loved one can connect over a LDR. In essence, what we are talking about in this article is that you definitely want to find ways to show affection to one another and find things to do together in your LDR. In a geographically close relationship, these things are easier to do but the distance can make this a little harder. However, there are still plenty of things that you can do to show affection to your partner within an LDR. One of these things would be to send cards and letters to one another from time to time. These can be great little surprises to receive in the mail and show that your partner was thinking about you as well as took the time to sit down and write out something thoughtful to send to you.

One thing is true within any relationship whether it is long-distance or in person. In any way you can, show affection for one another by doing things for each other as well as by doing things together. It is important that your partner sees you put effort into the relationship. In this way, you can directly show your partner how much you love and care about them by taking time out of your day to do something special for them so that they, in turn, feel special.




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