Road-Tripping through Texas? Here are some Must-See Spots for Your List –

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

By Tucker Eastburn

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

Road-tripping! It is one of those things that everyone absolutely has to do in their lives at one time or another. When looking for a great place to road trip, you don’t have to look any further than Texas. Even though you may have to drive a ways to get to certain attractions, Texas has it all in theme parks, great spots to eat, At the end of last winter, my fiancé Alexis and I took a big trip all over Texas before we moved her back up to Oregon. If you’re trying to figure out the absolute must see destinations in Texas for a road trip of your own, then this is the blog post for you!

1. The Houston Museum of Natural Science

The first place we would recommend you stop by and check out is the Houston Museum of Natural Science. There are so many amazing things for you to do here that it is easy to spend the whole day just going through all of the different exhibits and activities that the museum provides. From the butterfly garden, to the amazing planetarium that can help you explore the cosmos, or the amazing Wortham Giant Screen Theatre, there are an endless number of things to see while you’re there. Our favorite spots throughout the museum were definitely the different animal exhibits ranging from the animals that roam our world today as well as the dinosaurs who walked the Earth so long ago. Also, if you get hungry or thirsty, there are some great food and beverage options to choose from while you’re there! This is definitely one of the first stops you should make in your trip around Texas as it’s an all-around amazing adventure that’s fun for the whole family!

2. Pleasure Pier

Another place that is guaranteed day of fun is making a stop at Pleasure Pier in Galveston! This place is vastly underrated when it comes to trips in Texas. Don’t get me wrong, the rides aren’t as impressive as other places in Texas like Six Flags in Dallas, but the place more than makes up for in style and character. The rides still are incredibly fun and really amazing in their own rights as well with a roller coaster that makes you go upside down, a ride that flips you on your side and dangles over the pier, and a ride that takes you high up into the air and drops you down. There are also a few carnival games where you can throw darts at balloons, whack a mole, or shoot baskets with a basketball for a myriad of prizes as well! If you’re hungry, Pleasure Pier offers concessions and drinks of all kinds or there’s a Chic-Fil-A across the street as well as an amazing seafood restaurant in Fish Tales that boasts some amazing ice cream too. If you’re all tapped out at Pleasure Pier and have had a good bite to eat, you can always finish out the day with a relaxing day on the beach right on Pleasure Pier. Out of all the places on our list, this is the one that has so many options for you and your party to do!

3. Dallas World Aquarium

One of the most unexpectedly amazing adventures that Alexis and I had was a trip to the Dallas World Aquarium. At first, we were just expecting to see a bunch of amazing fish all throughout but, when we got there, we were pleasantly surprised by all that they had to offer. At the Dallas World Aquarium, you definitely will see all kinds of amazing fish from all over the world, but you can also find an incredible see-through tunnel where sharks swim up above as well as all-around you as you walk on through. Not only does the aquarium have a wide range of fish that you can see, but they also have a plethora of other animals that Alexis and I were not expecting to see. Don’t let the name of the place fool you, the Dallas World Aquarium is really a little zoo in its own rights. Now it doesn’t have lions, bears, or any other crazy big animals but it does have its fair share of reptiles, birds, and other animals that you can go take a look at too! The place also has a great gift shop and some pretty good concessions throughout if you get hungry or thirsty during your visit. We really didn’t plan on going to see the Dallas World Aquarium when we were in Dallas but, after our time spent there, we were very glad that we made it one of our stops along the way!

There’s a lot more to see in Texas.

All of these places are absolutely amazing places to go see while you’re in Texas. For Alexis and I, these were places that we were so glad to stop by and visit. We loved these locations so much that we even want to go stop by and see them again on the eventual day when we go visit Texas again! Now, with this article, we wanted to give you our top three places to go to in Texas as we didn’t want to write an article that would be around ten pages long, but there are many more things to do in Texas than just the couple few things we talked about here. There’s Six Flags in Dallas, the Space Center in Houston, Dallas Museum of Art (which is free to go see by the way), the Riverwalk in San Antonio, the Geo Tower in Dallas, the AT&T Performing Arts Center in Dallas, and much, much more! One thing is true if you’re looking for things to do on a road-trip through Texas, there’s a bunch of stops you can make but we would recommend that you make these three some of your must-see stops. Please visit their websites below to find out if you'd like to make these places part of your own road-trip through Texas!




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