Newsblog for September 22nd, 2021

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This week’s newsblog has content you don’t want to miss! In it, we talk about the things that are inspiring us at the moment, info on the new web-comic Pixie and I are creating, and more. This is a newsblog that you won’t want to miss. So, without further ado, we are going to launch straight into our topics this week! We really hope this brightens up your day.


1) Character Design for our Brand-New Comic! -

From the Visual Development Department

This week, we thought we’d give you a sneak peek at some of the characters we are designing for our brand-new webcomic Soul Canvas. In this picture below, you can see our main character, Aurianna, and the other characters who make up our trio, Rowan and Terric. This story follows Aurianna as she finds herself transported to the otherworldly realm her mother told her about when she was a child. While there, she discovers that those fairytales were more than real, and that her mother was connected to it in a shocking way! As she journeys on, with Terric and Rowan by her side, she will discover the secrets of this realm, her family, and more. Interested in this story? Please stay tuned to all things Bear & Pixie as we’ll continue to bring you updates as we continue to create this story to hopefully be released to you sometime next year!


2) Don’t Forget to Create Special Moments! –

From the Memorable Moments Department

As you know, one of Pixie and I’s favorite things to do together is to have nights where we watch things together. We love setting up the perfect nights with some awesome popcorn, great food, and a brand-new adventure to watch. One of the ones we did a while ago is when we watched the Mamoru Hosoda film, The Boy and the Beast. If you’re looking for an awesome movie to watch with your significant other, with your family, or on a night when you’re treating yourself; this is the movie for you! It is an incredible story about a boy who leaves home and finds himself in another world where he is adopted by a samurai beast. This movie has exceptional character development, perfect pacing, and a story that will have you gripped from start to finish. We give this movie a solid 9 out of 10 as our official Bear & Pixie Art Studio rating. Don’t miss out on this awesome movie as it is a must-see! You can watch it on Funimation at the link below (although you may need a Funimation subscription to watch). It is also available for purchase, or rent, on iTunes, Amazon, and other on-demand video services. [WE ARE NOT SPONSORED BY ANY COMPANY. We are only giving you a genuine, un-sponsored recommendation. Here’s the link below.]


3) Artist Shout-Out

From the Artist Relations Department

This week, we wanted to give a shoutout to artist who goes by the name of Riikka on Instagram. She is an incredible watercolor painter who has a real knack for capturing mood, using color to convey light/shadow/emotion, and a real eye for character design and expression. Her stuff is genuinely so beautiful and we felt like we should show more people her stuff as it is truly spectacular. Please go over to her Instagram and show her some love with a follow! [We are not sponsored by Riikka. We are only fans and genuinely wanted to give a shoutout.]

Artist's Instagram:


4) They’re Still Discovering New Dinos! -

From the Scientific Discovery Division

Recently, I stumbled across this article written by Deepa Shivaram talking about how a group of scientists have discovered a fossil of a now-extinct whale who had for legs! Isn’t it incredible how the world still has so many incredible things to discover? It is so exciting to see what the scientific community continues to discover about our world and the universe it inhabits. If you want to learn more about this awesome dino and the group who discovered it, the link is below!


5) Check out this “Strangely” Awesome Deck of Playing Cards! -

From the Creative Product Development Department

You guys all know how much I absolutely love fan art and this week’s fanart sections is one you definitely one you don’t want to miss! As I was looking through the internet for awesome goodies, I happened to encounter some awesome Stranger Things fan art created by Lyss Rachele Engel. She decided to turn our favorite characters from the show into a deck of playing cards and it looks as awesome as it sounds! This is so cool, I wish it was something I could actually buy! If you don’t know this, Pixie and I are big into board games and playing cards. Someday, as part of Bear & Pixie Art Studio, we hope to design some board games and playing cards of our own. Please visit the link below to check out more of her graphic design art on Behance! [We are not sponsored by Lyss Rachele Engel. We are only fans and genuinely wanted to give a shoutout.]


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