Newsblog for September 1st, 2021

Welcome to all our Daring Disciples!

Here’s a new newsblog coming your way! This week’s update has a lot of cool goodies in it as we talk about what we’re up to here at Bear & Pixie Art Studios, things that are inspiring us now, and a little nugget to hopefully inspire you in turn in our motivational section. We hope that this brings some warmth and happiness to your day!


1) Tiding You Over with a Portfolio Piece! -

From the Career Optimization Department

When it comes to the studio, we are hard at work as we continue to make progress towards developing our new webcomic and we are continuing to put together our dummy children’s books to send to publishers. However, we don’t have anything that is ready to be shown to you yet as we are still workshopping different aspects of both projects right now. So, we thought we could tide you over with a look at one of the scenes that Pixie did for a personal project on her portfolio that was based on one of our past cancelled projects. In the background, we are trying to kill a couple birds with one stone as we create pieces for Pixie’s portfolio that really sing as well as complete projects for the studio at the same time. For this week’s post, we wanted to show a piece that we used to do just that. We always recommend trying to work smarter and not harder when it comes to life. In this way, you can optimize efficiency and time management so you can maximize opportunity! We’ll always show you more of stuff like this as we continue in the life of our studio. We hope to even have a few lessons out on this topic in the near future so stay tuned for more stuff like this in the coming months!


2) Red Means STOP and Go Watch Immediately! –

From the Exceptional Entertainment Scouting Committee

As Pixie and I continue to watch all the animated shows and movies we can get our hands on, I had a couple of movies I could recommend for us to watch this time. Way back in the day, I was first introduced to Hellboy through the live-action movie directed by Guillermo del Toro. After that, I had to get more Hellboy in my life. So, I started reading the comics and I ended up watching these two animated films. When Pixie saw these Hellboy films, and the Guillermo Del Toro films, she became a Hellboy fan herself! Our favorite aspects of the Hellboy franchise are the well-written characters, the use of classic myths in new ways, and very intricate storytelling. These films are always fun to watch as they are a great example of knowing your characters, writing an engaging story, and entertaining your audience with an amazing story. Our official rating for both Hellboy Sword of Storms and Hellboy Blood & Iron is a solid 8 out of 10. These movies are a must-watch piece of entertainment that you can watch with your older kids as well! Don’t miss out on these two animated films and, while you’re at it, thrown in the live-action Hellboy (2004) and Hellboy 2: The Golden Army. You can watch all of these films through purchasing them through your preferred digital video service. [WE ARE NOT SPONSORED BY ANY COMPANY. We are only giving you a genuine, un-sponsored recommendation. Here’s the link below.]


3) Artist Shout-Out

From the Artist Relations Department

This week’s artist shoutout goes to self-taught artist Fernando Correa. I specifically have been really inspired by his art as I love his linework and how he designs his characters, props, and landscapes. As I have been trying to learn how to draw, Fernando has been a source of hope teaching me that as long as I continue to put in consistent effort and time, that I can get to where I want to be as an illustrator and then some. Over time, he has grown not only in skill and style, but he has also grown to over 70,000 followers on Instagram. At a time in our studio where we are pursuing our dreams, it’s always good to have an example like Fernando that we can point to encourage is to keep moving forward. Whenever you’ve got some free time, make sure to give him a follow on Instagram and check out his art! [We are not sponsored by Fernando Correa. We are only fans and genuinely wanted to give a shoutout.]

His Instagram:


4) Push Yourself to Keep Going and To Never Give Up -

From the Motivational Encouragement Department

“Believe in yourself and all that you are, know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.” – Christian D Larson

Recently, we paused our Patreon as we work to relaunch it to try and do something different with it. After not really seeing a lot of growth with it, we wanted to take a bit to step back, reassess how things in our studio are going, and come in with a newly energized, newly focused approach to ensure that we really found success the next time around. Initially though, this situation hit us hard. When you put in a lot of time and energy into something, it can really suck when you don’t feel like it succeeded. For us though, one of the things that we had to remember and remind ourselves is that we care to much about our studio and creating stories to give up on it. One thing we hope we can share with you is our absolute love for storytelling and art. We love it so much that we want to do this for the rest of our lives. Heck, we’d continue to do it even if we don’t see a financial gain to it. Don’t get us wrong, we hope that we can also support ourselves financially through it too. However, no matter how many times we may not succeed, we will never give up on pursuing our dreams because there is nothing that we enjoy more than creating stories and art. We hope that this section of the post can inspire you to continue striving towards the completion of your goals and dreams. Trust us, there is nothing more worthwhile than chasing your dreams. No matter how many times you fail, always make the effort to keep going or start again. Eventually, you’ll find that success you’re looking for as you learn from each new setback. Be sure though to learn as much as you can from each bump in the road as well as surround yourself with people who will spur you on towards your objectives. That’s all we got for you on this motivational section for this week. We just want to let you know we are cheering you on always as you strive to accomplish your greatest ambitions. We are always so thankful for your support in return. It means the absolute world to us.


5) Can’t Wait for Marvel’s First Family Hitting the MCU -

From the Future Business Opportunities Department

One of the things that I first thought when Disney bought Fox a couple of years ago was, “Yes!! I can’t wait for them to reboot the Fantastic Four!” Ever since then, I have been waiting patiently for the First Family of Marvel to finally come home and to have a good cinematic movie under their name. Don’t get me wrong, the last couple Fantastic Four movies that had Chris Evans in them were alright. However, the Fantastic Four hasn’t really ever had a good movie ever. In this fan art, who I couldn’t find who this was made by, imagines the popular fan casting of John Krasinski and Emily Blunt as Reed Richards and Sue Storm respectively. Now, who would we cast as the Human Torch and the Thing? Well, in this image, the artist cast Zac Efron to be Johnny Storm. This one is a pretty good casing too! Although I’m not sure how excitedly Zac would come back to work with Disney after all the High School Musical drama of his younger years. For the Thing, we think Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson would nail playing our lovable, clobbering rockhead. What do you guys think? Comment or write in to tell us who you think should be cast as our next Fantastic Four!


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