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Another week, another newsblog! This week’s update is our usual post full of awesome art, great info, and a good chunk of fun from your favorite art studio. We’ve got a bunch we’d like to talk about this week that we think you all are going to like. So, buckle up everyone! This newsblog’s chock full of some awesome content you don’t want to miss!


1) Our Report from the Front -

From the Actionable Intelligence Division

Last week, we were able to take a trip up to Rose City Comic-Con to check out the Artist Alley there! The experience was amazing! It was so great to see other artists who were running booths at the event and how they went about doing it. It gave us a ton of ideas for the future as our goal is to have a booth at an Artist Alley in the next couple of years either at Rose City Comic-Con or another one. We are hard at work making comics, children’s books, and other awesome stuff to take with us to a convention to hopefully help finance our drive to make more awesome art and stories. Please stay tuned to all things Bear & Pixie as we continue to push forward in our dreams as well as, someday, providing a way for you to help get us there. Thank you all so much for your support already and we can’t wait to see where the future of our studio goes.


2) Fun Musical Adventure You’ve Got to See! –

From the Incredible Entertainment Scouting Division

Pixie and I are continuing to fulfill our quest to watch everything animated, we came across a new movie on Netflix that knocked our socks off! Vivo is a heartwarming tale about a kinkajou named Vivo who travels to Miami, Florida on a mission for his previous owner. Along the way, you watch as Vivo (and the characters he travels with) teach you great lessons on grief, acceptance, love, and more all with incredible music to boot. This is a great pick for the whole family but be sure you bring the tissues as there are some moments that will make you teary throughout. Our official Bear & Pixie Art Studio rating for this is a very solid 9 out of 10! This movie is a must-see for anyone who loves movies. [WE ARE NOT SPONSORED BY ANY COMPANY. We are only giving you a genuine, un-sponsored recommendation. Here’s the link below.]


3) Artist Shout-Out

From the Artist Relations Department

This week’s artist shoutout goes to artist Chris Johnson. He is an amazing artist who’s control of ink and line are absolutely astounding! Chris Johnson is a comic book artist who draws comics for the likes of Image, Top Cow, and IDW. If you’re looking for some awesome art of your favorite comic characters, then you’ve come to the right place! Please go over to his Instagram and show him some love with a follow! [We are not sponsored by Chris Johnson. We are only fans and genuinely wanted to give a shoutout.]

His Instagram:


4) Robots in Warehouses? Could Be More Possible in the Future! -

From the Interesting Developments Division

Recently, I read this article by Evan Ackerman about how Agility Robotics are doing studies and development on robots who could possibly do work within warehouses or other places! This is crazy to think about, isn’t it? How do you think this would affect the cultures and societies of the world? Please let us know what you think in the comments below! If you’re curious to learn more, check out this article below for more info!


5) Shelltacular Fan Art! -

From the Creative Illustration Department

During my daily internet perusal, I found some awesome Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan art that I felt like I had to show you! In the image below, Eddie Nunez takes an updated, more realistic while also being slightly cartoony, look of the Turtles and merges it with the player select of the classic Turtles arcade games. This was honestly so cool and I’m not sure how I haven’t seen this already! If you don’t know, I’m a huge fan of the Ninja Turtles (Pixie not as much but that’s okay). This print is one I’ll be adding to my collection at some point soon! If you want to check out his other stuff, or by the image below as a print for yourself, please check out the link below. [We are not sponsored by Eddie Nunez. We are only fans and genuinely wanted to give a shoutout.]


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