Newsblog for October 13th, 2021

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We’re at it again with another newsblog! Last week, we showed you a little glimpse of one of the children’s book dummies and this week, we thought we would give you another sneak peek of that along with some other stuff that we think you’ll love. We really hope you guys enjoy this week’s newsblog and we can’t wait to continue giving you more of these updates in the weeks to come.


1) More Christmas Story Shenanigans! -

From the Character Design Department

Like we said in the intro, here’s another character design sheet from the children’s book Christmas story that we’ve been developing to pitch to various publishers. In this sheet, we’re showing Brooklyn alongside her brothers Bryson and Brody. We also were toying around with possibly having a scene or two with the family dog Ollie. Now these designs are subject to change, but so far, we think they’re coming together well! If you like what you’re seeing, make sure you stay tuned to all things Bear & Pixie Art Studio for more looks at our various children’s book ideas in the future.


2) Nostalgia is Hitting Me Pretty Hard Lately –

From the Department of Retroactive Marketing

In the same vein as last week’s recommended animated pick, I thought I would pick another cartoon that I have recently rewatched with Pixie. This show is, in my opinion, the very best representation Spider-Man has ever had on any screen. Even for Pixie, who usually isn’t as into superhero stuff as yours truly, loved this show from start to finish and couldn’t help bingeing it. If you’re looking for a show with stellar pacing, incredible character development, killer use of source material, and perfect dialogue, then this is the show for you. This show gets a solid 9 out of 10 rating from both Pixie and I. It never really drags or feels like it has filler episodes at all with each new chapter feeling like it kicks right into the next. This is a must-watch for any fan of Spider-Man and for any of you who are just superhero fans in general. Unfortunately, it’s not available for streaming on any of the services (unless you use a VPN service to say you’re in Canada or the UK which, if you do, then you can watch on Netflix that way). You can buy it on-demand though through whatever is your favorite on-demand video service. [WE ARE NOT SPONSORED BY ANY COMPANY. We are only giving you a genuine, un-sponsored recommendation. Here’s the link below.]


3) Artist Shout-Out

From the Artist Relations Department

This week, our artist shoutout goes to comic artist Lily Stock. Lily is a illustrator and character designer and, when you look at the character design and illustration that she’s done, you can tell she is a pro at it! She has an absolutely great knack for drawing unique characters that have so much life and energy in their design that they just leap right off the page. Her use of color, line, and storytelling help her work go next level as every image that she creates tells a story that you just want to see more of. We highly recommend you check out Lily’s Instagram below and we highly recommend you give Lily a follow! [We are not sponsored by Lily Stock. We are only fans and genuinely wanted to give a shoutout.]

Artist’s Instagram:


4) Corny vs Gritty! Adam West Style Superhero vs his Alternate Dark Antihero Self?! -

From the Division of Creative Story Ideas

For this section of this week’s newsblog, I wanted to recommend an amazing comic to you that you will not regret reading. In this comic, published by Ahoy Comics, the creators take the question of “What if Adam West Batman switched places with a killer Batman?” and creates some awesome story beats, interesting character stories, and pulse-pounding ride that you will want to see more of. So far, there have been a couple different series of this book that are worth checking out. Over the last year, I have really started delving into independent comics and I have not been disappointed so far. These books are a very solid 9 out of 10 so if you’re looking for an awesome story with great art and fantastic writing, don’t miss out on this book. Links are below for some physical trades or hardcovers that you can purchase to read them. [WE ARE NOT SPONSORED BY ANY COMPANY. We are only giving you a genuine, un-sponsored recommendation. Here are the links below.]

Wrong Earth Book 1:

Wrong Earth Book 2:

Wrong Earth Prequel:


5) *SNIKT* “When Am I Coming to the MCU Bub?” -

From the Department of Upcoming Entertainment

I’ve been thinking a lot about how awesome it will be when our favorite mutants can become a part of the MCU. Ever since Disney purchased Fox, I have been anxiously waiting to see something in the MCU that pertains to the X-Men and the Fantastic Four. This week’s fanart imagines Henry Cavill playing our favorite Canadian with an attitude and it is as awesome as it sounds! I know he already plays Superman in the DC movies, but he certainly has the energy to pull of the role in a believable way that’s for sure. Now, I highly doubt that he will play Wolverine and I don’t think he’s the right choice for the job, but I do think that this is a step in the right direction. Not only that, but the art was also really great at communicating the potential of someone like Cavill taking on the role. One thing’s for sure, we can’t wait to see who is going to be the mutant with the metal claws but, until then, please let us know who you think would be perfect to play Wolverine in the MCU.


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