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We are back in the swing of things after getting back from our honeymoon a couple of weeks ago. We had a great trip but are very glad we are back to continue working on new stories and projects that we hope to share with you in the future. In this post, we’ll be talking about a few of the different things we’re putting together so make sure you read all the way to the end! We also want to talk about things that have been inspiring us, art that we thought was super creative, and shoutout an artist that has been captivating us recently. As with all of our updates, we hope you enjoy it and that it’s a bright-spot for your day!


1) So What’s Next for Bear & Pixie Art Studio?

From the Department of Project Development

Currently, Pixie and I have been itching to throw ourselves back into the realm of children’s books. Don’t worry, we won’t be completely committing ourselves to producing another one, but presently we are developing a few dummy books that we can try to take to publishers to get professionally published. It is one of the items on our bucket list to have one of our books be officially published through a publisher, so we’ll be spending some time to hopefully put ourselves in a good place to do that in the future. However, the main project that we will be releasing is a brand-new web-comic that we have thought about doing for a long time. We don’t have much to share with you now, but we are planning on at least having a teaser image with a little more info about it in our next newsblog. With all of that being said, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for all things Bear & Pixie as we may give you little tastes of the several different dummy books that we put together over the coming months!


2) Going Plus Ultra! –

From the Department of Sensational Storytelling

As Pixie and I strive on to complete our quest of watching everything animated, we wanted to talk about a show that we have loved for quite some time now. This month’s pick for must-see entertainment is My Hero Academia, an anime that has been out for the last few years, has released two movies, and is currently in its fifth season. This series follows the story of a young boy named Izuku Midoriya who lives in a world where nearly every human being is born with a “Quirk”, a superpower that each person uses within their everyday life. In this society, everything revolves around Quirks and being a superhero is the most sought-after job out there. Izuku is born Quirkless but, after a chance meeting with the number one hero All Might, is given a chance to become a superhero after being chosen to inherit All Might’s Quirk, One For All. If you haven’t seen this show yet, stop whatever you are doing and start watching it right now! This show is a staple of impeccable storytelling, amazing character development, and incredible sequences of beautiful animation. This show also has the added bonus effect of being surprisingly motivational to Pixie and I as it always inspires us (in a very nerdy way) to push past our limits to become our best selves. Now, fair warning, this anime (like a lot of animes) has its fair share of filler episodes and weird gimmicks to it. However, it is an excellent show overall. The first three seasons are amazing while the fourth season is still great, but not as good as the first two. Currently, the fifth season has been a return to the quality of the first three seasons as the story has really been moving along again at a good pace. We highly recommend you check this show out. We guarantee that you will fall in love with at least a few of the characters and that you will be anxiously waiting, just as we are now, to see how it all ends. To watch this show, you can watch it on Funimation either dubbed in English or subtitled in Japanese. Please comment below and tell us which you prefer, dubbed or subbed! [WE ARE NOT SPONSORED BY ANY COMPANY. We are only giving you a genuine, un-sponsored recommendation. Here’s the link below.]


3) Artist Shout-Out

From the Department of Artist Relations

We always want to make sure that we have a section in every newsblog that is designed to shoutout an artist that is catching Pixie and I’s attention and inspiring us in unique ways. This newsblog’s artist that we wanted to highlight is Maxine Vee. One of the things that we love about her work is how incredible she is with her colors, lighting, and shading. The way that she designs her art is also extremely intuitive and engaging. Whenever we see any of her work, Pixie and I both suddenly find ourselves stimulated creatively. After seeing Maxine’s art, we are always thinking about how we can use color, light, shadow, and design to express in a way that can have a huge impact on our audience like Maxine’s illustrations have on us. We are so moved by her work that we couldn’t help but give her our monthly support on her Patreon. If you haven’t checked her out, please go do that as soon as you finish reading this post! You will not be disappointed. [We are not sponsored by Maxine Vee. We are only fans and genuinely wanted to give a shoutout.]


4) Doing What You Love

From the Department of Inspirational Momentum

"If you are not doing what you love, you are wasting your time.” – Billy Joel

I just wanted to take a quick second to encourage all of you to pursue your dreams! It is never too late to start doing what you love and, trust us, if you don’t take the opportunity to follow your aspirations, you’ll regret it forever. Trust me, there were years of my life that I wish I could get back! If you really care about it, if you really love doing it, then go for it. However, I encourage you all to remember that following your dreams does require sacrifice. You will definitely need to give up some fun hangouts with friends, watching a move or show here and there, or even time doing a hobby to be able to fulfill your dreams. If you truly love doing it though, you won’t even notice that you gave up anything. All you’ll see is that you gained the best thing any human can ever be given. The chance to really do what you love forever.


5) Awesome Fan Art

From the Artists Division

One amazing piece of fan art that Pixie and I saw was this incredible illustration made by Ryan Lang that shows off his redesign of Goliath from the classic Disney animated show, Gargoyles. We absolutely love what the did with Goliath here as it gives us a look at a more realistic style of what our favorite gargoyles would look like. If you would like to see more of his work, the link to his art blog is down below. We highly recommend you check out his other work!


That's it for this month! Thank you for reading our newsblog. If you feel so inclined, please check out our Patreon Page and consider becoming a patron yourself. Also, please give us a follow on all the socials. Hope you have a great weekend!





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