How Bear & Pixie Art Studios Started

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

By Tucker Eastburn

“Meeting you was not the first day of the rest of my life; it was the first day of the BEST of my life.” – Steve Maraboli

When it comes to life, opportunities come along every day that change the course of the future in an instant. Often times, as kids, Alexis and I both dreamed of being able to write stories, create worlds with art, and possibly animate shows. Alexis, through her life, worked to make that dream a reality. For me, I had that dream over the course of my life, but I never really acted on it. However, as we were going through life before we met, it seemed like that dream was reawakening in me. I had no idea how it was going to play out or how I would make it work, especially since I was solidly placed in a job as a Youth and Worship Pastor. This all changed though when I first met Alexis. For those of you who have been curious about how our relationship, and later our art studio, started; this is how everything Bear & Pixie began.

When we first met…

Alexis and I met for the first time about 4 years ago when both of our families came together to have a family game night. At the time, Alexis was dating another guy but all throughout the night it felt like her and I had really connected. Obviously, nothing happened as a result from that night, but I distinctly remember leaving her house and thinking, “Wow I want to find a woman like Alexis to be with for the rest of my life!” After that, I went through a long period of time trying to find something similar to what I had experienced with Alexis with other women and none of those relationships worked out. After a while, Alexis had broken up with the guy she was dating before and there were opportunities again for the two of us to hang out together during more family game nights. These moments of us spending time together always went really well and it was really easy for us to be comfortable with one another, talk for hours about a myriad of different topics. We found that we had very similar likes and dislikes through catching up on our lives together.

Obstacles in the way…

However, one thing prevented us from starting a relationship with one another and that was the fact that Alexis had to move to Austin, TX to finish out her art degree at the Art Institute of Austin. As a result of this, we never really had a chance during that period of our lives to really try and start anything but we both felt like there was a connection there between the two of us. Eventually, we saw each other again while Alexis came back to Oregon for her brother’s wedding. While at the wedding, we really connected again which then led to us starting to get to know each other. About a month and a half after seeing each other at the wedding, we started to talk over Facebook Messenger. From there we started talking all day, every day and we haven’t stopped since!

The start of something amazing!

Over the course of these last eight months, Alexis and I have really been able to get to know each other, we’ve had time spent together in person, and we both have decided that we really want to continue to be with each other long-term! Throughout the process of getting to know one another, we both shared with each other our dreams to create art and tell stories that had a lasting impact on anyone who experiences our work. The most incredible thing about the start of our art studio was that we instantly were able to figure out what kind of products we’d like to make, what kind of books we’d like to write, as well as other projects that we’d always dreamed about doing but thought we may never get the chance to accomplish on our own. Through our relationship and shared dreams, Bear & Pixie Art Studios was born! It is the most amazing thing in the world to share a dream with someone else who shares your dreams, is super compatible with you, and is your best friend! We have a lot of plans for the future, both within our art studio as well as within our own relationship, and we cannot wait to share our journey here and there with you along the way!

Dream come true!

The goal with telling you how our art studio started is to try to show you, dear reader, that the time to start making your dreams a reality is now! Don’t give up on those dreams as, eventually, the right time to start following them will come around. All you have to do when that time comes is take the opportunity and run with it! The amazing thing about life is that it will give you the right partners to help you make all of your dreams, and their dreams, come true. From even the most humble beginnings, like turning your bedroom into a studio, you can bring your dreams into reality! All you have to do is seize the opportunity. For Alexis and I, we cannot wait to see what life has in store for us! Every day, we get more and more excited about spending the rest of our lives together and to make our content for the world to hopefully enjoy. We equally hope that all of you find what we’ve found in our shared passion, love, and creativity together!

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