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Updated: Sep 24, 2020

By Tucker Eastburn

“Don’t hope for it, work for it.” - Unknown

Over the years, Alexis and I both have had dreams about what we wanted to do for our future. As Alexis grew, she wanted to be able to create art within her own studio or a studio that she could get hired at. Her dream was to always be able to create amazing prints, comics, children’s books, and especially to delve into the world of animation. As for me, ever since I was in kindergarten, I was writing stories and always wanted to write comics, all types of books, short stories, and even animated works. Not only that, I had always wanted to be able to bring those stories to life through visual art whether it was created by myself or others. Through our shared love of storytelling and art, Alexis and I met and fell in love. After talking about our dreams at length, we found that it was like we were made to start an art studio together. So we set out to make those dreams a reality! In this post, we really want to talk about our art studio and also show off our store as a way to help all of you, wonderful readers, see our hearts for what we create. In this way, we hope we can show you how we plan to take our greatest wishes and them into actualities.

Our Biggest Dreams

As Alexis and I have talked about our studio, we have always wanted to work on projects that we are truly passionate about. Currently, we are developing a couple of great children’s books and a comic that we cannot wait to share with you more in the future! Over the next couple decades (yes we do plan on creating things within our studio for the foreseeable future), Alexis and I dream of being able to do a couple animated shorts, work on an animated show or a full-length feature, a couple different comics, a plethora of children’s books, and more. We have a lot of projects on our bucket list but, we hope through your support as well as our immense passion for all things creative, that we can accomplish all of these and then some!

The Next Steps as We Work to Reach Our Goals

Although we have all these goals in mind, we know it’s going to take a lot more than passion to reach these milestones that Alexis and I have set for ourselves. This is where you, our amazing audience, comes in. Over the course of our art studio’s life, we plan to provide you with a plethora of products that are top notch within the industry and that can inspire you with joy when you receive them. In our store, we have a plethora of different stickers, coloring pages, bookmarks, and prints available right now to purchase for your collection. In the future, we plan on bringing even more of those same products as well as enamel pins, art books, art challenge books, drawings books, our children’s books, our comics, art classes, writing classes, and so much more over our art studio’s lifetime. Through your support, we will be able to continue to pursue our passions and drive to give everyone who comes across our studio joy as they interact with our content and community. Our ultimate goal, in all of art studio aspirations, is to really help each and every single person touched by our art to grow in new and meaningful ways as well as connect with a lovingly supportive community. Today in our store, we are unveiling a new sticker set that is based off of some Mermay products we did a couple months ago. Also, keep your ear to the ground for all things Bear & Pixie Art Studios as we may have our first enamel pins coming soon. We, as a studio, want to also show you our continued progress and development as artists as Alexis and I both design products, write stories, and produce visual art together over the course of our studio’s life. We thank all of you already for all the support that you have given us and we hope that, as we continue to pursue all of our creative ventures, that you will want to be along for the ride and be equally inspired to create yourselves. Tell next time our spectacular spectators!

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