Classes Coming Soon

Here at Bear & Pixie Art Studio, we are all about helping everyone find their inner artist. With time, practice, and guidance, anyone can produce beautiful works of art. In our classes, we will cover how to illustrate children's books, comics, book covers, novels, film, and animation. We will also have classes that show how to write for all of the content mentioned above and classes that cover visual development, concept art, portfolio development, how to self-publish, and many other topics. We want to show you that there is much more to art and that anyone, through proper motivation and persistence, can accomplish their dreams. These classes fit the individual needs from beginners to advanced students. These classes will be filled with fun, excitement, and many modern twists on your typical art classes that you can't get anywhere else!   


For more info about us and who we are, visit our About Us page right here on our site! 


Stay tuned! In the future, we here at Bear & Pixie Blog will be adding a wide variety of classes for all ages in a myriad of art forms! These classes will range in writing, illustration, music, and much more. These classes are designed to help each and every one who participates in them to  be able to make their creative and professional dreams a reality. Subscribe to our blog to stay plugged in and to hear updates from us on these future educational opportunities.