I can write and edit any style of writing within any genre. Whether it is creative or professional writing, I can write and edit for any project. I am fairly flexible with what I will write and edit, however I will not write anything dealing with explicit content.  I retain the right to turn down any commission I don't feel comfortable with.


Any commission I write I can use for my portfolio unless discussed otherwise. No commercial use of my writing is permitted unless you talk to me about it beforehand. With any of my commissions, I would ask that you talk to me first before re-posting or sharing it. If you have commissioned me for editing, I do require an editing credit in your final product.


*All* payments are made through Square or PayPal and that information will be given to you after you send me a note.


At the start of each project for editing or writing, I will give you a price estimate based on how long it will take me to complete it. I ask for half of the amount of the estimate upfront. When the project is completed, I will send you an invoice with the final bill to receive the final payment, detailing out the hours accurately. 

If for any reason a commission can not be completed you will receive a full refund!


Please detail out the size you would like the commission to be. I can deliver them via email, digital download, or any other method you would prefer. 

By the end of the commission, you will always have a digital copy of the finished work. If you want a physical copy (in the case of a script or manuscript) mailed to you, then printing and shipping prices will be added.


For any and all work I do, I charge $15 an hour. Editing commissions will take less time than writing commissions. At the start of an editing project, I will send you an estimate as to how long it will take me to complete the commission. For writing commissions will take a longer amount of time to complete. Depending on the size of the project and level of detail needed, I will give an estimate to you of how long it will take for me to complete the project.

Contact Me for a Commission:

Please message me below containing what you would like for your commission. Please be as detailed as possible. You will be given my Square or PayPal information after I accept the commission.

Thanks for submitting!