Hello! Thank you so much for checking out our website! We're Bear and Pixie and we'd like to welcome you to our blog with a big warm grizzly hug. Who's Bear & Pixie? Well, I'm Alexis, a.k.a. Pixie! I'm 24 and my husband, Tucker, a.k.a Bear, is 25. We currently live in Eugene, Oregon! 


We are both top-notch nerds for Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, anime, Disney films, and video games.  We are artists, Bear on the guitar, and me with a B.F.A in media arts and animation. Bear is on his way to getting his degree in graphic information technology for creative writing, designing video games, and web development. I mainly provide the illustrations for all of our different projects and products while Bear provides the writing, editing, and publishing. We share the responsibility of doing pretty much everything else when it comes to our business right now.

We were inspired to start the Bear & Pixie Art Studio to share our love for the arts in both films, gaming, and traditional means by sharing our own creative works with other fellow nerds and inspiring artists. We also wanted to participate in, and facilitate, thoughtful discussion about all forms of entertainment. We started the Art Studio side of our business to allow us to have full creative reign and develop stories and products that are high quality as well as full to the brim with character. We aim to create the best in children's books, comics, animation, videos, stickers, pins, and tons more in various other art forms in the future.


We hope to create an inviting community where everyone can openly share their love of all things art. There's soon to be a lot more coming for our blog and a few surprises along the way so we'd love to have you stick around and join in on all the fun. If you'd like to sign up for email notifications so you never miss an update from the B&P Art Studio go ahead and click on the follow button! We'd love to hear from you too and nerd out together! 

Happy wishes from Pixie and warm hugs from Bear! We hope to see you around!

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